Narrated Student Presentations

About the Responding to Paper-Based Items Narrated Presentations for Students

The presentations below may be used by school staff or parents/guardians to help prepare students for Grades 3–6 paper-based testing (PBT). The presentations walk through the various items types for each subject area, explaining their features and how to respond to each item. Optional handouts are also available below for students to follow along and practice on their own during the presentation.


Grades 3–6 Responding To Paper-based Items Narrated Presentations

Grades 3–6 Responding To Paper-based Items Handouts

  • Reading Handout (PDF) /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/FSA-PBT-ELA-Reading-Item-Type-PowerPoint-Handout_Spring-2020_FINAL.pdf
  • Mathematics Handout (PDF) /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/FSA-PBT-Mathematics-Item-Type-PowerPoint-Handout_Spring-2020_FINAL.pdf